Queensbridge Finest…..The Saga Continues (CD)



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Some of my favorite hip hop of all time came from Queensbridge. One of the many collaboration albums from QB…..Hard-To-Find…….



Shoot Em Up Bang – Noyd
Bonafied – Mobb Deep
Poet’s Comin – Thug Poet
Bump That Remix – Noyd Feat. 50 Cent & Havoc
Diamond – Bars & Hooks Feat. Prodigy
Move Like This – Tragedy Khadfi Feat. Littles & Trezy
Lean on Me – Chinky Feat Prodigy
Just Listen – Cormega
Want It – Nas, Horse & E Money Bags
The Sstreets of NYC – Noyd, Chinky & Infamous Mobb
We Gon Buck – Lake Feat. CNN & Cormega
Qu-Ee-NS – Willie Stubz, Nature & Capone
Shortie Wildin – Mobb Deep
We Gon Ill – Thug Poet Feat. DJ Premier
Real Life – Screwball
Money, Murder, Homicide – Kamakaze, Troy Sluggs & Marly Marl
We Get It Poppin – Crime Fam
My Thun’s – Chinky


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